Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Westfield Fashion Shoot - Pretending to be a model

Photo courtesy of audreyeffect.tumblr.com
Last monday, I was lucky enough to get to model for Westfield!

I modelled in a photo shoot for  for The Westfield Insider blog. the The photos where being taken for a blog post offering women advice on how to find the perfect dress for different body shape. Five women where chosen from the Westfield Facebook community. None of us where professional models, we just wanted to pretend!

It wasn't until I arrived that I realised how lucky I was to have been picked. Over 100 women had applied!
 The shoot took place in a studio in Port Melbourne. I had never been in a proper studio before, but it was so cool! Huge lights, white walls, big fancy camera! 

The beautiful Alyce, who is the author of the blog, had picked a few different outfits for each of us. There was a whole rack of clothes, just for us! We tried them all one, and picked the best ones to model for the shoot. 

Photo courtesy of audreyeffect.tumblr.com

I wore an animal print maxi dress, from Dotti. The dress was so different from the sort of things I usually wear, but I quite liked it. Alyce matched the dress with chunky bronze bangles, a big ring (both from Diva) and amazing orange heels from Betts

We each did an individual shoot, which was actually much more difficult than I expected! It's quite hard to pose in front of a camera for 15 minutes! I think I got the hang of it by the end though.  I did pick up a few good tips from our lovely photographer! For example, she suggested that when you are standing side on, you should put back shoulder foreword to give you a nicer shape. 

Our gorgeous photographer
The lovely Sarah from audreyeffect.tumblr.com

My turn!

After we each had our individual shoot, we did a few group shots with all of the 'models' and Alyce. I couldn't get over how great all the girls look! I felt like I was in a real shoot, with real models!

Me (on the right) with some of the lovely models
Photo courtesy of  audreyeffect.tumblr.com
I had so much fun on the day! Maybe I should be a model now? haha

  If you want to see the final product, you can find the blog here:


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  1. JESS! That is soooo cool! Nice work, love the dress too. Heading over to the link now to check out the final product :D