Thursday, 22 September 2011

Family gatherings with a side of Coconut Chicken Salad In Crispy Wong Tong Cups

Last weekend was my beautiful cousin Bridie's Birthday. She loves any excuse to get everyone together, (who doesn't?) and what better excuse is there than a birthday? 

My aunty invited the family over to her place last Friday night, and asked everyone to bring a plate to share. My family is huge, so I think that was good move. It saved her from having to do all the cooking and cleaning!

I pulled out the trusty Australian Woman's weekly Cook Book (which actually belongs to my boyfriend!) and flicked through the pages, trying to find a good finger food recipe. I finally decided on one for  'Coconut Chicken Salad In Crispy Wong Tong Cups'. Not at all the kind of thing I usually cook! I only began eating Asian style food in my mid-teens, as I came from a very meat and 3 veggies family. Although I am really enjoying eating it, I am yet to attempt to making it. 

I trudged off down to the shops to get everything I needed, contemplating grabbing a packet of Spinach and Ricotta Pastry Puffs in case my Wong Tongs didn't work out - which I fully expected they wouldn't. 

Well, I was wrong! They worked out perfect, and they received many complements from all of my family!

So pleased :)

There was quite a few steps to the recipe, including making the crispy Wong Tong cups out of spring roll pastry. They where supposed to be made with Wong Tong wrappers, but they didn't have them in my local supermarket. The recipe listed Spring roll pastry as a substitute, and it worked out fine. I made the cups by lining mini muffin trays with the pasty, and putting the in the oven for a few minutes. It was relatively simple, but they looked and tasted really good! I am thinking about trying them again with different fillings. 

I had a great night with all of my gorgeous family. It's always good to see everyone, and hear all the latest news. Why is it that when your enjoying yourself time goes so quick? I felt like I was there for half an hour, and then all of the sudden it was midnight and time to go home! 

Do you cook a lot of asian food? What is your favourite recipe? How do you celebrate special occasions?

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