Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dressing up or Dress up?

Everyone loves dress up parties, especially ones with decade themes. There is just something so fun about dressing up in the ‘fashionable’ clothes your parents once wore. I love to giggle at Mums perm, shoulder pads and lycra, but I know that karma is going to bite me in the arse. And probably yours too. At some point in 20 or 30 years, the next generation will want to borrow OUR old clothes for a dress up party. They will be sniggering at what used to be OUR extremely fashionably wardrobe.

Although the idea of having our fashionable 2011 wardrobes ridiculed may seem absurd, it is highly likely. And, unless you want to spend your life wearing basic tees and bootcut jeans, it is unavoidable. Your current wardrobe will one day be giggled at, as the fashions of today give way to a new ear. The most important thing is that you love what you wear, and you feel great. So rock your leather shorts, fluro platforms or dip dyed hair. Just be ready to laugh at yourself in 20 years time, when your daughter rocks the same look for a dress-up party.

So what fashions will our generation be defined by? For the 80's, it was the perms, lycra and legwarmers. For the 70's, it was the flared pants, platform shoes and headbands. 

This is my list of the top 10 recent fashions most likely to resurface at a fancy dress party in 20 years. 

- low cut skinny jeans
- The colour blocking trend
- Jeggings/Leggings

- Maxi skirts/dresses
- Havianas
- Boot Shoes
- High wasted short shorts (Bum cleavage optional) 

- Ray Bans
- Anything Vintage
- Oversized Bags & Sunglasses

And finally, I need to add one more thing. It's not an item of clothing as such, so I didn't add it to my list, but it deserves a mention.

 Orange Fake Tan! (I have actually seen people this orange, on numerous occasion.)

Is there anything I've left out?  Do you agree with my predications? 
Let me know!

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