Thursday, 20 October 2011

Class of 2010 Muck Up Day - The Day that wasn't

It's almost that time of year again, where society is tormented by evil brats. No, I'm not talking about Halloween, I'm talking about muck up day!

Muck up day, for those who don't know, is almost rite of passage. Basically, you get to mess sh*t up, because you're finishing school. It's a celebration that traditionally takes place on the last day of year 12. Student get to dress up, and mess up.

Not surprisingly, Muck Up day is banned at many school, as 'celebrations' often get out of hand. Think Xavier College Class of 2008

My school was no exception. Tomorrow, marks a year since that fateful day of my Muck up day. Technically, our school didn't even have Muck Up Day, instead it was meant to be a 'celebration' day. We were aloud to dress up, and cause a little bit of mischief, but almost everything we could cause mischief with was banned. Flour, banned. Baby oil, Banned.  Water pistols, banned. So basically, we couldn't do anything. 

But did the schools tactic of banning everything ensure an incident free Muck Up Day? Hell no. 

Instead, my classmate came up with more 'creative' ways to cause mischief. Someone (who will remained un-named) decided to put quick dry cement in the female toilets. And someone else put expander foam in several of the school locks. 

How they managed to do this, I have no idea. The school supposedly had security surveilling the school the night before Muck Up day, and the toilets should have been locked. 

The school discovered the damage before the school day even started, and they were not surprisingly very unimpressed. We spent the next few hours being screamed at by several teacher. They tried every tactic they could think of to get the culprits to admit. The threatened to cancel the Valedictory dinner, threatened police involvement and tried to make the culprits feel guilty for ruining the day. But, they never managed to find who did it. Well actually, everyone knew who did it, they just couldn't prove it! 

Pretty much the only half decent bit of the day was first thing in the morning, seeing everyone dressed up in the Supernatural theme. Apart from that, the rest of the 'celebration day' was pretty average! 

Me as a Zombie Doll.
Medusa, cross-dresser and zombie doll.
(Not sure how Darcy dressing as a girl was supernatural.
To be honest, I think he just wanted an excuse to dress as a girl) 

Vampire, Zombie dolls and the devil. 

Did you get to have a Muck Up Day? Did/has your school banned Muck Up Day? What did you do to celebrate the end of school? 

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