Thursday, 25 August 2011

Queen Victoria Markets

One of my favourite places to go in Melbourne is the Queen Victoria Market.
I remember going there a few times as a little kid, and being overwhelmed by everything I found there. I would spend all my money on lollies and junky little toys, which I thought where the best things ever!
Even now that I'm older, I still love it!
My partner and I went in a few weeks back, and spent hours wandering around all the different parts of the market.
There is just so much to see, do, eat, watch, smell, buy......
The markets is great for cheap presents. We got a belt buckle for my brother (who is a little cowboy) and some jewellery for my little sister.

Belt buckles

One of many jewellery stands
While we where working our way up and down all the isles, I was surprised to come across this stall.

Knife stall
I couldn't believe that they are aloud to sell weapons at such a public place! Any one could buy them, then and there. I was so amazed that it was so easy to purchase them! Many of the knives being sold we not hunting or cooking knifes either. They were purely intended as weapons. It just seems so ironic that the police are trying to crack down on weapons, but are allowing this place to operate.
You really can find anything at the Vic markets. Including coloured hair and a fluro man-kini, if you so desire.

Wig anyone?

Hmmm... sexy?
Another thing that I love about the Vic markets is how multicultural it is. There are so many different cultures selling there goods, and so many different languages being spoken. The sign at one of the jewellery stalls made me giggle.

' You no lean on glass! O.K. Please. '
Then, we got to the good bit. The food! The food stalls are one of the busiest parts of the market. They are always so alive with the beautiful colours of all the fresh produce, the yelling of the merchants trying to sell their produce, and the haggling of customers. Not to mention the amazing smells!

These spices smelt amazing! They looked beautiful too.

All the gorgeous colours of the fresh fruit looked and smelt fantastic.


More delicious fruit!

We brought some of these to make our dinner with.
After going through all the fresh produce, we moved onto the food pavilion. This is one of my favourite places of the whole market. There is always lots of food to sample!
We brought some delicious parmesan cheese, and some fresh pasta to have with our tomato's for dinner.

Our last stop for the day was the meat hall, to get some chicken for the pasta sauce. There is so much interesting stuff in there though that we just had to have a look around!

 Chicken for dinner

Whole Snapper

Crayfish, one of my favourites types of seafood.

More fresh Seafood

Monkfish. Apparently they are some of the best eating fish you can get!
The good thing about going to the food hall last, or later in the afternoon is that the stall holders are keen to get rid of their produce so that they don't have to pack it all up and take it home. We got a whole tray of fresh flake for $10!
We had a fantastic day at the market, and I would highly recommend it to anyone, of any age. You can get some really great things super cheap.
At the end of the day, we came home with fish, chicken, fresh sourdough bread, parmesan cheese, a pineapple, fresh tomatoes, fresh pasta, 3 bottles of red wine, a belt buckle, a ring, a jewellery box, chilli oil, lemon butter and lots of lollies!
And a big grin on my face :)
Have you been to the Vic Market? What was your favourite bit?

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