Thursday, 25 August 2011

About Time

I love to read, I love to write. I seems logical for me to have a blog, yes? 
Unfortunately, due to my indecisiveness, I am only just starting one now when I probably should have done it years ago. It's not that I haven't though about it. In the past I've got as far a registering a domain name and drafting my first blog (both on separate occasions).  But each time I've started, I've just ended up overwhelmed ,and given up.
My brain always bombards me with a million questions :
What should I blog about? Why would anyone want to read what I have to say? What should I call it? When will I have time to write? What if no one read what I write? What if I'm actually not as good at writing as I think I am? You get the idea...
On top of that, I am what I describe as mildly 'computer illiterate', meaning that my technological skills are somewhat limited. Although, they are getting better, the idea of physically making my blog was another daunting factor. How do I make it look pretty? It didn't help that I've just started working part-time at Nuffnang, a blog advertising company where I have been exposed to some beautiful blogs, written by some amazing writers. I just found myself thinking  "as if I can compete with that!!". 
However, on Saturday morning I was lucky enough to get to go to the NuffnangBlogopolis conference in Melbourne. Not only was I inspired by all the talent in the room, but I also realised that they where just normal people, who love to write. They probably had all the same doubts as I do, but look at them now!
So last night, I finally sat myself down with the intention of starting my blog. For real this time. Four hours and lots of procrastinating later, I had register a domain name. I'm off to a great start....
Anyway. God knows that I am the sort of person that desperately needs a blog. As I lack any creativity ability to use as an outlet of expression for  my endless thoughts and opinions. My poor family and friends end up being on the receiving end of hours of my senseless drivel. Of course I think what I'm saying is great, however I'm pretty sure they don't. I hope to find a few like-minded friend in the blogosphere who I can share my thoughts and experiences with, to save the ears and sanity of those dear to me. I am sure that my boyfriend especially will appreciate this. I've lost count of the amount of times he has told me 'I wish that you had an off button' after listening to me crap on about every little detail of my day. Gee thanks babe. 
While my University, work, social commitments and love of Tetris battle on Facebook may prevent me from blogging as much as I might like, I will do my best! I promise to share myself with you, if you do the same! I will attempt to make you laugh, and make you think, while giving you an insight into what the life of a broke, over excitable, talkative uni student is like.
I would love to hear about other people who shared my doubts when first starting their blogs! What was the most daunting thing for you? Do you have any tips for me? Or are you a wanna-be blogger that hasn't taken that first step yet?

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